Monday, February 27, 2012

Stylish Marrakesh

I have always dreamed on going to Morocco, a place full of color, texture, flavor and extravaganza. With so many places to discover and interiors to delight you, Maryam Montague’s Peacock Pavilions is and exotic yet elegant luxury accommodation that will make your visit to Marrakesh an exquisite experience.
Everything you will find in this charming place has a story to tell. From the hand-stenciled floors to the inspired selection of treasures arranged with love by the hostess Maryam.

The hotel's website fairytale description makes it so irresistible that you won’t  stop dreaming about visiting this place:  -A row of fountains in a garden of roses leads you into the treasures of Peacock Pavilions. The Atlas Pavilion faces the snow capped High Atlas Mountains and you can admire the view from your private rooftop terrace or while lounging on vintage embroideries on the heavenly catwalk. The Medina Pavilion is a 2,400 square foot (225 square meters) house with 1,225 square feet (114 square meters) of terraces.  Compare your robes to the vintage Moroccan wedding burnoose that adorns the wall or lounge under the spectacular Persian chandelier. Take your tea by the hand-stenciled fireplace or cook up a storm in your very own kitchen.-

You can also relax on the pool or find an outdoor cinema hidden in the olive grove. A dinning tent with exotic and cozy atmosphere will provide you with a feast experience for all your sense.

 All photos via Honestly WTF under Creative Commons license

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