Monday, April 23, 2012

Stylish Bakeries

Is there anything more delicious than a piece of freshly baked bread? For me there is nothing better than to buy an artisan bread with grains, raisins or olives, add a "smelly" cheese and open a bottle of wine; and enjoy all this with my hubby, but of course with a piece of chocolate for dessert.

Lately I've came across a couple of really nice boutique style bakeries. Besides that I want to buy every single piece of the most beautiful crafted breads I've ever seen; I like to be delighted with the design and meticulous details that you see throughout the store. What I like about this type of "retail" is, that you don't need to have a lot going on to make it look pretty and to sell your product. 

Blé, Thessaloniki, Greece. This bakery was designed by the minimalist architects Claudio Silverstrin and Guiliana Salmaso. One of its main features it's the world's largest wood oven, that is 40 ft tall (12 m). Blé’s also has four floors, each with its own different bread selection, including a patisserie, bakery, delicatessen and a wine and mozzarella bar.

Baker D. Chirico in Carlton, Australia. Designed by March Studio. The bakery concept was to sell bread as a simple product with no packaging. The undulation and forms on the CNC routed clear plywood provides different spaces for the bread to be displayed. The meticulous design of the adjustable shelves gives a modular functionality for every bread and every season.

Elektra in Edessa, Greece. This bakery is part of a chain of family-run bakeries. Working with a narrow, linear and small floor plan (only 35 sqft) the design firm Studioprototype made every inch of space work to perfection. On the outside you get a feel of craftsmanship, and on the inside the exquisite materials and contemporary lighting complements the space, making it feel more open and sophisticated.

Joseph-Brot vom Pheinstein ("Joseph-Finest Bread") in Vienna, Austria.  Designed by Martin Dvorak, this is the first retail store of master baker "Fritz", whose products are also available at the city's finest cafes, restaurants and delis shops.

 VyTA Boulangerie Italiana, in Turin, Italy. The design is extravagant and unique. The architect Daniela Collin was inspired by the history of baking and the simplicity of nature. The tables are crafted in honeycomb shapes, while black chairs resemble the swirls of pretzels.  The main focus of the shop is a wooden hood resembling a woven breadbasket.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Crosby Street Hotel ... now we can talk business!!

Ok guys... Guess what? I passed my exam on Saturday.. and I'm sooooo relieved! fiuuu! :) Now I can start implementing my  green knowledge on my designs and sharing with all of you the importance of designing with a sustainable goal in mind.

To start with, I found the first hotel in NY city to have the LEED Gold  certification by the US Green Building Council  The Crosby Street Hotel  in Soho. The interiors have a modern clean feel combined with  old world decor.  Since the construction stage the crew recycled and reused as much material as possible. By having a vegetated roof garden that supplies the on-site restaurant with many different fruits and vegetables the design helps reduce the heat island effect. Another cool feature is that the  86 rooms were individually designed with  a few different styles, from modern contemporary to eclectic chic; off- course using FSC woods and sustainable materials.

I think this is a perfect example of how to design a building with positive environmental impact without making it look like they where trying too hard to make it look green.

Rooftop Kitchen Garden

Photos via Luxist

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Custom Hotel

Hi guys,  you probably notice that I haven't been posting the last couple of days.. It's not because I forgot about all of you, I promise! I'm getting certify for LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and I'm taking a "difficult test" next Saturday... So in case you don't see me again this week; I'm  just studding like crazy memorizing codes and more codes, but I will be back with great news and exiting new ideas and inspiration.

Meanwhile I'm going to post about a very curios hotel near LAX ( Los Angeles Airport). I've seen it a couple of times because I live close by and I found it very interesting and different from the typical "Airport Hotels" that nobody likes to stay in.
The Custom Hotel is a very unique boutique hotel. The interiors are fun, modern and very functional.  They offer six different lounges: The Layover  (main lobby), Transonic ( Electronic gaming lounge equipped with Xbox Kinect and Wii game stations), The LAX lounge (Inspired by the VIP airport lounge, where you will find everything that you need for your flights), Stratosphere (relaxation rooms with massage chairs), Duty Free ( a very cool room with vending machines for snack time) and the Axis Annex ( a gallery from the nearby Otis Collage of Art and Design)

Photos via Tablet and Brian Henniker