Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Crosby Street Hotel ... now we can talk business!!

Ok guys... Guess what? I passed my exam on Saturday.. and I'm sooooo relieved! fiuuu! :) Now I can start implementing my  green knowledge on my designs and sharing with all of you the importance of designing with a sustainable goal in mind.

To start with, I found the first hotel in NY city to have the LEED Gold  certification by the US Green Building Council  The Crosby Street Hotel  in Soho. The interiors have a modern clean feel combined with  old world decor.  Since the construction stage the crew recycled and reused as much material as possible. By having a vegetated roof garden that supplies the on-site restaurant with many different fruits and vegetables the design helps reduce the heat island effect. Another cool feature is that the  86 rooms were individually designed with  a few different styles, from modern contemporary to eclectic chic; off- course using FSC woods and sustainable materials.

I think this is a perfect example of how to design a building with positive environmental impact without making it look like they where trying too hard to make it look green.

Rooftop Kitchen Garden

Photos via Luxist

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  1. First Congratulations on passing an import test and sharing your success with the world! This is an amazing Hotel For sure it will be the next place I stay in New York!!