Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All About Meat...

Designed by Minas Kosmidis, Fabrica Creaton is a modern tavern that plays off two main ideas, a late 1950's classic tavern and a modern Butcher Shop. The materials used to create this beautiful restaurant are exposed in their most simple form with unexpected elements that define the intention of the design.

To create the classic Butcher shop style, they used white ceramic tiles with stainless steel and black accent walls. The butcher-block tables are a surprise element that provides a warmer feel to the space. The ambiance lighting is subtle to create a sophisticated atmosphere, while the red industrial lights contrast with the black and white scheme as well as the shape and style of the place. This meat restaurant emphasizes the simplicity of food and you'll find this idea reflected in their brand identity and the architectural space.

Photos via Yazer

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  1. woowwwwwww the seal in the table is a very good idea