Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inside the Olympic Village

The world is having Olympic fever, its all about the queen jumping out of an helicopter and breaking world records. But aren't you curious about what happens backstage with the athletes while they are not competing? Where do they stay, eat, relax and prepare for their biggest day?, I guess this post will answers most of  your questions and maybe even surprise you.

The Olympic Village in London is a mini city within the city, located in Stafford, East London; the location allows the athletes to be within walking distance from most of the sporting venues. The village has 11 apartment complexes with 2,818  units to accommodate up to 16,000 athletes and officials. Each apartment contains custom bedding and furniture designed mostly by british designer Jan Constantine. The bedrooms are designed  with a minimalist style to provided an optimal sleeping and relaxing conditions for the athletes to be mentally and physically prepare for their big day.
The complex includes a hair salon, a mini recording studio, game rooms, cinema room, the Globe social club (unfinished walls, raw-vintage style with neon signs),  and a  food-court where they can enjoy a wide selection of food severed 24 hrs.

After the Olympics, you can own a piece/set of Olympic history at an affordable price. If you are interested, Remains of the games is already selling most of the furniture and items from the Olympic village. Also, after the games, the Olympic village will be transformed into 1,400 affordable homes and another 14,000 homes for profit.

The recording studio

The Globe Lounge

Photos via  idesignarch and Houzz

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