Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Patio Remodel and all under $150

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I couldn't wait another day to show you my new favorite place in our house. I've been waiting to do the post, because I'm still looking for the perfect coffee table! At the beginning of summer I decided that it was time for a face lift on my entrance/patio. This is the first area you see when you come into our house and thought a little love wouldn't hurt, especially since I've always wanted to have an outdoor retreat to enjoy this perfect California weather.

Since we are renting I couldn't make any drastic changes, so everything I made is easily removed when the time comes we decide to move.

 I ordered a couple of wood pallets from my work, bought a couple of shower curtains -yes!! You read correctly!! I used shower curtains as my fabric because they’re cheap, water prof and very easy to find amazing patterns and colors to choose from, decorative pillows, new plants and some accessories.

Starting with some of my favorite colors, I built the pallet below, and brought together all these elements, creating my ideal outdoor living space. 


Before, as you can see the space served as a storage room. Now, it’s a Moroccan inspired outdoor lounge with comfortable seating for five, a coffee table and a great area to chill out, take a nap or spend an afternoon reading.

Below is the list of everything I bought to create the space. I made the gray seat cushion, but I totally forgot to take photos showing how to make your own If you would like to know how to DIY (do it yourself), send me and email and I will be happy to answer your questions!!

Someone REALLY liked the insert pillow I used for the seat cushion!

            The List!! 

  • - One Moroccan pattern shower curtain from Target : $19.99

  • - 4 x Pallet wood (36" x 48") : $32.00

  • - 3 x Huge pillows inserts (in blue, shown in the dogs's pic above ) from TJ Maxx : $28.00

  • - 2 x Green outdoor decorative pillows from World Plus Market : $23.00

  • - 2 x charcoal decorative pillows from Target $16.00

  • - 2  x Blue decorative pillows - Existing 

  • - Fabric chicks and bells hanger from World Plus Market : $6.99

  • - One shower curtain in white from TJ Maxx : $4.99

  • - 2 x Yellow Majskorn plant pot from Ikea : $1.99

  • - 2 x Pink Papaja Plant pot from  Ikea : $4.00

  • - Other plant pots : Existing 

  • -  Blue spray paint for Moroccan lanterns: $3.50

  • - River Rocks form Home Depot : $11.99

  • - Table and tile on top: Existing

  • - Wood Ikea chairs x 2 : Existing

  • - 4 x  succulents : $10.00

  • - All other plants: Existing

    • The final result!! 

    • The patio is pretty narrow, only 4ft (1.2 m) wide

    I'm working on getting the coffee table done. I will be posting the updates pretty soon so keep posted!!


    1. love this shani!! What a great way to show remolding for people like me that have a "low budget". I am going to try and make this!!!

      1. Thanks Beebe! Hope you can come and visit soon!! xo

    2. Replies
      1. Thanks Sarah! Im a fan of your blog!! xo, Shani

    3. This is such a cozy little nook! I love the colors you used :)

      1. Thanks Tamsyn!! Is my little space to relax :)

    4. Absolutely lovely! My backyard is currently going through a remodel too!!! Love the use of pallets for furniture! We're thinking of making a small pallet coffee table on wheels for the backyard :)

      Jessica from the Doily Duck
      http://thedoilyduck.blogspot.com ... Please stop by sometime and follow me back :)

      1. Hi Jessica! thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following yours and I'm looking forward to see the final photo of your backyard! I love the pallets and I think they are so IN right now! good choice!!
        Hope you can follow me back :)



    5. Me encanto!!! me urge verlo en persona!!

    6. It shows how beautiful and comfortable your patio is! Your dog is even loving it! Contrary to what everyone thinks, a remodel can be cheap and still be as beautiful as this. Your new patio looks very relaxing and inviting! I can spend a long time here and even sleep during the afternoons. You did very well in choosing the perfect furniture!

      1. Thanks Cristen. I'm so happy spring is back because that means I will get to enjoy the patio more often! I did the lounge bench with pallet wood and a shower curtain! pretty easy and adorable :)

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