Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Country made right!

Two weeks ago I went to visit my family and friends in Mexico City, and while waiting for a table in one of my favorite places to have breakfast -Klein's-, I came across this beautiful restaurant called Country Bistro. The place has won several hospitality design awards and it’s easy to see why. The designer Juan Carretero did an amazing job mixing the Hamptons style with French chic interiors, creating a space resembling a country house that includes an entrance hall, a beautiful water fountain, dining room, library and an open kitchen concept. The attention to detail is to-die-for, every single room is perfectly decorated with reclaimed wood, custom tile, beautiful greenery and perfectly placed accessories.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to have dinner there, but hopefully next time I get the chance to try it.

Entrance- Designed like an outdoor patio

" The dining room"

" The library room"

Open kitchen concept

Photos via Country Bistro and Juan Carretero 

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