Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be my Valentine? is not too late!

Happy Valentine's day!! Hope you're enjoying the day with all your love ones. For all of you who need a last minute gift or inspiration for this special day, I've got you cover with a few last-minute GREAT gift ideas.

If you are looking for a really romantic night in the comfort of you home, build an awesome fort/tent/teepee with blankets, pillows, rugs or whatever you can find in your house to cuddle up and drink, eat and play all night. 

I absolutely love the sophistication and colors of this tent; if you think you can pull this off like a pro, here is the tutorial from Design Sponge, but even if it’s just pushing the kitchen chairs together and throwing a blanket over the top, it is fun, memorable, and very romantic.

If you're planning a home cooked dinner, this lovely prints made by Design is Yay! that you can download here, are perfect to decorate your table. You just need to print it form the website, follow the instructions and enjoy your tea or juts have a good time!

I found this amazing DIY gift from A Subtle Revelry and thought it is perfect for an afternoon tea with your friends. Is pretty simple to make and you can even download the tea label here. Personalize it, and it will be a Tea-riffic gift for someone special.

Not only do you not have to spend hours painting a portrait of your beloved, but you can also get a little something on the side. The Love Is Art kit allows you to capture your lovemaking on canvas. You will keep an abstract masterpiece and probably some compliments of you "artwork".

Need more inspiration? just watch this video :)

LOVE IS ART :: LOVE, PASSION & CREATIVITY 2012 from Jeremy Brown on Vimeo.

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