Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Humble Bäco

We are always in the look for new restaurants, where food and ambiance are perfectly mixed.This time around we came across one of the top 10 best new US restaurants in 2012 from the foodie bible Bon Appetit magazine. Bäco Mercat - a hip and packed nook in downtown  LA by chef Josef Ceneteno (of Lazy Ox Canteen).

Bäco Mercat dishes are some of the most exciting food I've tried in months. The menu is filled with tapas style dishes with a perfect combination of flavor and textures. The 'baco' a flat bread creation is the most popular dish and it comes in many delicious combinations of organic meat and local produce. 

I will definitely recommend sitting in the patio area. The building and the feel of downtown LA is so charming!

We ended up ordering the vegetarian option of the Baco sandwich - The Fava fritter and it was amazing! 

Very filling but not heavy. The combination of the feta and the poblano was so good! 
I’m craving it right now.

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