Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Luxury in the wilderness

Forget about a five star resort! If you are up for the real adventure, your trip should start with a 45-minute flight from Vancouver in Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. A tiny aircraft will drop you in a magical place that looks like a postcard. No need to make detailed plans before you arrive; the staff works with visitors every day to help choose between activities like whale watching, kayaking, archery and zip-lining. If travelers get bored of all the wilderness, two communal tents can occupy them; one has a wi-fi equipped library, and one houses games like pool. And executive chef Ryan Orr provides “modern natural cuisine”at the on-site restaurant.

Ok, I meant to say this will not be a cheap camping experience! mmm .. I know! I was planning our next trip, until I found out the price. Anyhow for 7 extraordinary days you can pay up to $9,000 per person, aha! you read correctly! But if you can afford it, this could be one, or the best experience of your life! So it may be worth considering the idea.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cozy Loft in Rio

This space really reflects my design style; the color choices and the balance between materials (the tiles, chalkboard paint, brick, metal mesh and wood beams in the ceiling) makes the space look, just perfect for me! 

Luiz Fernando Grabowsky designed this wonderful apartment for Casa Cor, which is the biggest and most important event of national architecture and decoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

The ambiance is extremely rich and dynamic; the loft-like concept in which colors, materials, textures and furniture are mixed into a multifunctional living area reflects the vibrant Brazilian spirit and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Photos via homedsgn

Friday, May 17, 2013

It just gets better with time

It's hard to believe that we have been married for 5 years! And boy has it been one fabulous ride so far. It has been many laughs, tears, up and downs but most important has been so much love.  I really feel the luckiest lady in the world to have a husband like mine.

This year for our anniversary present we went to Florida to visit Marc's Family. We love this place! We always have such a good time. The food, the beach, the company and all the memories from when we used to live there made our three day vacation so enjoyable and memorable!

This is not Kayla (our dog) this is the cute and hyper Rhianna, my mother in-law's dog.
See! She is a super hyper dog- her new nickname is "The flying chicken"! Doesn't she look like one?

This is one cute ice cream store -  Sloans at City Place, West Palm Beach

Oh my! we have definitely changed in 5 years. 
( The one on the left is from 2008 and the one on the right was on April 2013)

Best Cuban food ever!! at Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Miami

Tostones, Moros rice  and cortadito (cuban coffee)
Guava pastries and Coconut Flan! My mouth is watering right now! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to Miami

Hi everyone!! Sorry I've been lost for a couple of weeks (or months) but life happens and time flies! So to get back on track, lets start with this exceptional hotel located in the heart of the trendy and exciting South Beach, Florida. The Surfcomber  is an eco friendly and pet friendly  beachfront hotel with beautiful design details, warm atmosphere and a vivid color pallet. 

To create the look, the designers juxtaposed bold colors, textures and different furniture styles, creating a modern chic environment with an organic feel; just perfect to enjoy a piece of paradise!!

This hotel is absolutely one of my favorites when it comes to interior design! 

Photos via Surfcomber