Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Luxury in the wilderness

Forget about a five star resort! If you are up for the real adventure, your trip should start with a 45-minute flight from Vancouver in Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. A tiny aircraft will drop you in a magical place that looks like a postcard. No need to make detailed plans before you arrive; the staff works with visitors every day to help choose between activities like whale watching, kayaking, archery and zip-lining. If travelers get bored of all the wilderness, two communal tents can occupy them; one has a wi-fi equipped library, and one houses games like pool. And executive chef Ryan Orr provides “modern natural cuisine”at the on-site restaurant.

Ok, I meant to say this will not be a cheap camping experience! mmm .. I know! I was planning our next trip, until I found out the price. Anyhow for 7 extraordinary days you can pay up to $9,000 per person, aha! you read correctly! But if you can afford it, this could be one, or the best experience of your life! So it may be worth considering the idea.

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