Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From a different point of ~view~

Some of you may not have been blessed with the gift of 20/20 vision( including myself), but hope you love wearing your glasses, because you were given a lifelong pass to experiment with wonderful eyewear.

There have always been a few famous styles I've personally loved, but the creatives at Pop Chart Lab have compiled a huge list of fashion-forward frame-wearers into one amazing piece of wall decor (I love this stuff!!!). The Chart of Famous Eyewear includes every pair from Benjamin Franklin's bifocals to Elvis's kingly sunglasses.

 Pop Chart Lab The Chart of Famous Eyewear, $27, available at Pop Chart Lab.

The stylish eyewear of stars have become iconic in their own right. Designer Frederico Mauro has created another great series of pictures with famous frames worn by actors, musicians, directors and activist. Here are a few of my favorites, this art is amazing!

Check out Mauro's website to see  the rest of the collection.

And last but not least..My point of view! Seriously I can't leave without them :)