Food, culture, celebration and memory are tied together inside Tessa Kiros's Food from Many Greek Kitchens. As a follow-up to her best-selling Venezia and Falling CloudberriesFood from Many Greek Kitchens explores Kiros's Greek-Cypriot heritage and takes readers on a colorful journey into the Greek kitchens of her friends and family as she catalogs the traditional foods for fasting, festivals, and feast days.

The design of the book is beautiful, the photographs of the food and scraps of Greek life are both inspiring and evocative. It has the feel of a very well photographed family scrapbook. Kiros adds a bit of history, a personal approach, interesting tips or family story before each recipe. More than 200 typical Greek recipes are divided in nine different sections: Traditional Foods, Fasting Foods, Shared Foods, Baker's Foods, Soups, Salads, Ready Cooked Foods and Sweet Foods.

This book is for everyone that is passionate about food and enjoys a little bit of tradition mixed with some delicious Greek recipes.



If you love spas like I do, this book is going to provide you with great ideas to plan your next Zen trip and get the ultimate spa experience.  It has the most extravagant and exotic spas around the planet. Featuring nearly a hundred unique destinations, this book will delight your sense with the photography and the ultimate luxury experience. 
I personally like exotic destinations, like the spa at "The Four Sesons Resort Bali" at Sayan or the "Bedarra Island" in Queensland Australia, which I dream of going one day. However, you will definitely find a spa that fits your taste; like an oasis in the middle of a glacier "Explora en Patagonia" in Puerto Natales Chile, or a more contemporary minimalist such as "The Chedi" in Muscat Sultanate of Oman.



A décor bible from the renowned blog writer Grace Bonney from Design* Sponge. The book is nearly 400 pages of creative, fun and doable ideas. The first section of the book take us to 65 apartments and houses showing us helpful tips and inspiring ideas of different styles and home decor around the world.

The DIY (do-it yourself) section, provides the cost, time needed and level of difficulty for each of the 50 projects featured on this section. Half of the projects are from the blog’s archives and the rest is from readers and contributors. The next section offers lessons on flower arranging with basic instructions to create 20 stunning arrangements inspired by some of the homes featured in this book.

Finally, the book shows before and after of real people houses (by that, I mean no designers homes) and their beautiful renovated spaces. I loved seeing the different styles and tastes of people reflected in their homes; and the photos, tips and suggestions are so inspiring and helpful that I believe you are going to love this book.
This book will inspire you, will help you find your own style and ideas to create a beautiful space, and is going to make you very happy!



National geographic has been one of my favorite publications for years. I remember reading my dad’s collection and learning about places all around the world. Since I love to travel, I always find these books and magazines useful and full of amazing photography from incredible places.

This book is part of the Journeys of a Lifetime series of travel gift books, and it comes useful when you are planning a trip. You will find a lot of information for each of the one hundred countries (is like a mini encyclopedia); from weather, when to go, visa requirements, average cost, emergency contacts, etc.

What I like the most about this book is that is divided in two sections; the first one will help you choose your destinations that suites your interest, needs and desires. The second one will describe the unique highlights and ideas from each of the one hundred countries.
This book is a complete planning guide for a specific destination with practical and useful information that will provide you with lots of ideas and tips to plan your next trip.



This coffee table book by Taschen takes us inside of some of the most beautiful homes. Inspiring contemporary interiors with traditional courtyards and detail tile-work makes the photography in this book an exquisite mixed of textures and vibrant colors. One of the things that I like the most about this book is that you can find many different detailed patterns on the doors and floors throughout the book.

Get this book Here



95% chic + 5% happy = the decorative nirvana that is Happy chic

This book will help you find your happy place. Interior decorator and style extraordinaire Jonathan Adler has created a super-practical, highly amusing book that's part style bible, part decorating guide, and part self-help book. In this book, he offers fun advice and colorful photographs as a guide for choosing the hues and textures for your home. 



Every year, the Food & Wine Test Kitchen evaluates over 150 cookbooks to select the best recipes of the 25 best cookbooks. This year's Best of the Best collection celebrates award winning dishes from star authors such as Giada DeLaurentiis, Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters and Eric Ripert. There's also a never-before-published bonus recipe from each author. 

Tip: If you are an American Express card member you can get great deals on this cookbook and many other great books every year.



On this book you can appreciate the traditional Mexican style on its best.  The vibrant pallet of textures and hues are  found on the pages of this book on the diverse selection of interiors. You will find the Mexican modernism of  Luis Barragan to the restored 16th century hacienda.



This collection of books, eighteen to be exact, is by far one of my favorite to collect. They are not easy to find, especially if you are looking to get them in a bookstore.
I highly recommend these books because their content is mainly inspirational photography of different Mexican interiors and design solutions. These are ideas for creating, transforming or updating spaces with the exquisite taste and experience of highly acclaimed professionals.
These books are published by AM Editores, a Mexican publishing company that documents a synthesis of Mexico’s architecture and interiors.



This beautiful book is a joyful mix of colors and patterns. You will be inspired by texture, colors and photography. Tricia Guild, the author, is also the owner and founder of DesignersGuild and her work is showcase in this book.


Since we are already in the second week of January , I will be reviewing two books to keep up to date the book of the week.

For those who are familiar with the domino magazine, this is the book that has published the best ideas  and advises on how to decorate room by room with astonished design and inspiring ideas.
This book speaks by itself and is very easy and fun to read. For me this has everything that you need to know about decorating your home, and there isn't a better book to have in your coffee table.

For me this is definitely one or if not my favorite book to have if you're into interior design.



 The first book I decided to share with you is a very special book for me. It was my first design book that Ive got when I started my design career in 2003. My husband ( boyfriend at that time) gave it to me as a present.

This book  has the most innovative designs of today's most recognize designers. Most of the designs shown in this book are now one of the more used objects in our daily life and most of us don't even now that were created by famous designers.
You can find Jonathan Ive's design that made the apple computers an icon in the modern world to one of my favorite lighting designer Ingo Maurer.

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