This space of my blog is fun, inspiring and interactive for all of you. I will help you make your own home look like hotel rooms within a reasonable budget, showcasing different hotels and styles from all around the world.

Located in the heart of Chicago, The Ralph Lauren Restaurant is one of the most renowned and trendy restaurant in the windy city. Lauren’s vision is to represent American style with a dash of British elegance and the comfort of natural fibers. 

This get the look is dedicated to my dear friend Regina who is remodeling her library room Lauren’s style. She wants to have two spaces in the same room, one is the main seating area with cozy chairs to read and have a glass of wine, and the other will be a “working” space with a 6ft table with nice and comfy leather chairs. 

To get this look:

 Architectural details: It is very important that your room has some classic architectural details added to it. You can always install a baseboard and crown molding as well as a chair rail molding if you desire to add a classic feel to the room. Choose wood with richer tones like Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut.

Paint: If your room does not have wooden walls, you can also get the look by painting the walls and the ceiling with a dark brown. I know, there are some many different colors to choose from! A tip that always works for me is to pick the color pallet from the same brand. In this case, you can choose any dark brown color from the RL paint collection.

Floor: If you have a wood floor, yeiii for you!! If not you can always find elegant and cost effective solutions to this. To make the room feel warmer add an oriental rug. Pick a rug with the same tones as your furniture. In this case, you will see that I used tones of red because I have red leather chairs on my space. I also added a FAUX (Yes! I mean replica) zebra area rug to add some sophistication to the room.

Bookcases: This is the main element of the room. If you can build them into your wall great! If not, you can always buy ready to assemble cases in any furniture store. Try to pick high bookcases that if possible go from floor to ceiling (10-12ft high) in a dark stained wood. Select your main wall and fill it with two or three of these bookcases to make your wall look like a library. Note: I always love a long bookcase with rolling ladders; it makes the space look so chic. Although in this case unless you have enough space to have one that doesn’t need to be attached to the wall, don’t use them!! They can be a little bit scary if they are not correctly installed.

Fireplace: Who doesn’t like to be in front of a fireplace on a chilly night enjoying a cup of tea? If you already have a fireplace, paint it black so it contrasts with the wood that you have in the room. If you would like to add this warm feature into your space, you can always buy electric fireplaces.

Main Chairs: Buy something big and cozy. I picked two lounge chairs with a green-gray tone in suede fabrics that have some shiny details on the sides. You can always buy leather or any other material; whatever you feel is comfortable to enjoy a good book or a glass of wine with your love one.

Coffee Table: For this look, I would recommend to buy a large ottoman. It will provide a place for your feet and can function as a coffee table as well.

Side Tables: Add a couple of different accent tables. Choose something in metal to bring the “old world feel” and sophistication to your room. They do not need to match as long as they do not look too modern.

Lighting: Since this room is going to function as a library, you want to keep your lights subtle but with great reading lights. Add a chandelier; they always add elegance to any space. Classy wall light fixtures provide a nice detail to your dark walls; in this case, they add light to the frame gallery that I place on top of the fireplace. Floor lamps are great design elements that always complement the room atmosphere.

Window treatment: Heavy dark fabric will be the way to go. The important is to make this room elegant, and there is not a better way to do it than to hang some nice curtains in a thick bluish-gray dark fabric with elegant hardware.

Art: Place or hang from the edge of the shelves a couple of bronze and gold frames on your bookcases, they add a nice personal touch to the space and visually help to break the bookcases. Black and white photos are a great way to display family portraits making them look elegant and classic. Add as many as you want always keeping them in groups of different frame sizes.

To finalize the look add some orchids and a tulip arrangement. Both flowers are chic and classic and it will give a lot of life to your room.


Hope you can enjoy Ralph Lauren style in the coziness of your home and please do not hesitate in contact me if you have more questions or you would like recommendations on how to get this look in a particular space

If you want to know where you can get this look, click on the link below and start shopping! 



Hotel Distrito Capital
 is another stunning hotel from Mexico’s famous Grupo Habita
The hotel is full with vintage furniture from the 20th century and chic art. It has a modern and minimalist interiors designed by the renowned designer Joseph Dirand.


To get this look

  • Living room furniture: choose a modern looking sofa with tufted buttons in a dark gray fabric. To go with it, try to find two vintage chairs in black leather. These pieces will be the anchor for your room so they need to be bold and strong looking. To achieve this look to perfection, try to get lounge chairs and some accent tables form the 20th century. If you need more inspiration, some of my favorite designer from that century are: Mies Van Der Rohe ,Charles and Ray Emmes, Le Corbusier and Isamu Noguchi, just to name a few.
  • Bedroom: find a modern, simple bed. I will recommend going with a black leather headboard if possible. Remember, we are trying to achieve a minimalism look, so try not to pack you room with furniture that you do not need.
  • Bedding: white bedding is always contemporary looking
  • Paint: pick an accent wall and paint it with a charcoal color or a dark gray (almost black) paint.  Keep all of the other walls in an off white.
  • Sheen: Stay with the flat/ matte paint, is going to provide and elegant clean look for your spaces.
  • Color: pick two or three accent pieces to add color to the room. They can be cool vintage furniture like a chair or a side table to objects that you can find in your local flea market.
  • Art: keep it simple; do not forget about the minimalist look that we are trying to achieve. Try to find large vintage art that represents who you are. Something colorful will look amazing since we are keeping the rest of the interiors in a black and white pallet. Buying art can be stressful so remember to stay true to what you like and to your style.  
  • Accessories: Keep the accessories to the minimum Vintage objects with a pop of color will look nice, books can also give you a colorful and intellectual look to your room.


If you want to know where you can get this look, click on the link below and start shopping! 

                                                                   DISTRITO CAPITAL "MARKET"                                                                 


Remember the blog from Beautiful Mexico? Well, if you were wondering how to achieve the look of the LAS SUITES hotel, below is a design board which is going to help you find similar furniture and transform your room into a stylish and contemporary space.


Key elements to achieve the look 

  • Keep a monochrome pallet on the walls and the furniture. 
  • It’s important to choose warmer tones of grays mixed with some beige for the furniture. 
  • You should try to stay away from the pure whites, especially for the paint. Try to pick an off-white paint instead. 
  • Flat/matte paint provides a smooth, elegant look.
  • Choose one or two accent pieces of furniture to give color to the room ( in this case the burn orange chairs are the accent pieces).
  • Black pieces- very important to have contrast in the room, especially with the other light pieces of furniture.
  • Keep accessories to the minimum.
  • Add some pop of color with decorative pillows and glass vases. 
  • When picking decorative pillows make sure you are keeping your pallet to one or two accent colors, you don't want to have a party of colors all over your room.
  • Textures are as important as color. Make sure you have at least 3 different textures in your space, this will add some dimension and coziness to your room.
  • White bedding is always elegant and contemporary; add some decorative pillows and a dark throw, and your bed will look like a hotel. Tip // If you want a fluffy bed, get a larger comforter (preferably down or down alternative) than your duvet cover, that way it will be tight inside and it will look like the fluffiest, softest most "cloud like" bed.
  • Art- Keep it simple and if possible in black and white to maintain our monochromatic pallet.
  • Add your personal touch, at the end is your room and not a hotel room. Every space needs some LOVE, so go ahead and have fun!. Put the things that you love and makes you happy, even if they don't match perfectly, at the end what matters is that you can enjoy your new room.

If you want to know where you can get this look, click on the link below and start shopping! 

                                                                        LAS SUITES "MARKET"                                                                        

If you are remodeling your home based on any of the designs posted here 
on a life's pleasure, I will love to see your room. 
Send me a photo and I will make sure everybody sees your amazing work!

If you would like to see a room that I have not shown in here, just send me and email with the photo and I will make sure I design a board for you!

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